( 22 – 24 AUGUST 2015 )

For Children wear ( Tots 2 Teens ) & its necessities
Cairo International Conference & Exhibition Center (Cairo – Egypt)


DEFILE D’EGYPTE a leading company in organizing exhibitions and fashion shows has the pleasure to invite you to participate in its int’l exhibition and fashion show on the fair-grounds of 8000 sq. m. at the Cairo International Conference Center under the auspices of Ministry of Industry & Commerce.


  • Children Clothes designers, manufacturers and fashion houses.

  • Agents of international children clothing brands.

  • Textile manufacturers , exporters, importers, dystuff and chemical producers.

  • Ready-wear, weaving & yarn, finishing dyeing, printing machineries & its accessories.

  • Production necessities

  • Leather products manufacturers & raw materials.

  • Hair styling, cosmetics and perfumes.

  • Eye wear & Optics.



  • Each partition of 12 sq. m. is consisting of 2.40 meters height, 2 chairs, 1 desk, 3 spotlight and 1 outlet socket.

  • Name board of 40 cm x 100 cm

  • All exhibitor names will be classified in the official catalogue’s index.

  • Booth decoration rate is fully responsibility of exhibitor  and by separate cost. (Client’s decoration has to be coordinated with organizers first).

  • Plants and flowers will be rented from CICC.

  • Allocation of booths is specified according to booking and payments dates.


Professional and international team work ( Egyptian and foreign models, sound and laser show, backdrop decoration and choreographer) to organize highly first class Beauty ad Hair Show . We are organizing Catwalk Show, as well, for the first time in Egypt through our Modeling Agency.


30000 complimentary copies of the catalogue will be printed with the finest quality including the exhibitors index. Gratis distribution of all exhibitors and visitors as well, and ministers, senior governments officials, top businessmen & decision-makers, chambers of commerce, various trading and industrial establishments… etc.


Sponsor will pay US$ 5000 to get the following privileges:

  1. Sponsor’s name & logo will be broadcasted in all our advertisement campaign: T.V., Newspapers and magazines.

  2. Sponsor’s name & logo will be printed on the exhibition adv. And fashion show invitation cards.

  3. Sponsors logo will be shown on billboards outside & inside the fair area.


  1. An intensive advertising campaign in Al-Ahram & Al Akhbar (the official Arabic newspapers in Egypt which is being distributed in all over the world with a very high circulations).

  2. Press releases / coverage to be edited in successive issues of different magazines and newspapers with a high circulation.

  3. An advertisement campaign to be broadcasted on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Channel of Egyptian T.V. , (Nile T.V.), the Egyptian Satellite Channel which can be watched through out the world.


N.B. Date of organization: Two days before the event.

  1. The Entry passes (Badges): Every exhibitor will receive 3 badges that must be used by the exhibitor’s representative during the working hours of the exhibition.

  2. Invitation cards will be delivered to each participant for his own distribution lists. Also it will be mailed to thousands of traders, producers, exporters and retailers (including those abroad) by Defile D’Egypte (By hands & by post mails) . Moreover, message invitations will be sent to all businessmen through their mobile phones. Also, special invitations will be sent to the greatest merchandisers through their e-mails.

  3. Official Freight Forwarder: will assist in shipping, forwarding, re-packing….

(O.F.F. Form is available upon your request)

  1. Official Tourist Agency: will assist to visit places and arrange sightseeing tours, to reserve tickets & accommodation in best hotels near by the fair location .

(O.T.A. Form is available upon your request).






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